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Well here ya go!
Grab your copy of my client interview templates, survey scripts & market research tips so you can craft custom, high-converting launch strategy again and again and again.

Market Research Surveys


Interview Templates

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    Brittany McBean

    Launch Strategist & Funnel Copywriter

    What's inside:

    ✅ A 7-page template doc with space to input your own specifics

    ✅ 2 complete sets of survey questions (for buyers & non-buyers)

    ✅ Interview scripts so ya know how to conduct a research conversation

    ✅ A few of my best hot tips & phrases to practice

    ✅ And a super secret extra bonus I threw in there to help you keep track of all that data you're about to acquire

    Hi, btw!

    I’m a launch & funnel copywriter & strategist where I not only run an agency that does multi-million dollar launches & evergreen funnels for clients but we also do our own launching around here too.

    Whether for live launching or evergreen funnels...

    for exceptionally simple or overly-complex launch funnels...

    for minimal viable execution or to-the-max sophistication...

    ...we’re able to help our clients not only keep their deliverables organized but also track their data to improve future launches.