What is project management you say?

Those post-it's all over your Macbook reminding you to send that proposal, and follow up after your discovery call...It’s not that.
And it’s probably not the best experience for your clients on the other side either, especially when they’re paying good money to be your clients.
This free Client Project Management Trello board is the best way to keep track of absolutely everything client-related, so you never get caught with your pants down. (It’s the same one we use day in and day out to manage multiple client projects at once.)

Project Management Trello Board

Get your shit together, elevate your client’s experience, then make like Kanye and watch the money pile up.

(Good news: we got your shit together for you, all you’ve got to do is download the free Trello board.😉)

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    Brittany McBean

    Launch Strategist & Funnel Copywriter

    This is what's up:

    Your clients aren’t hiring you to be their task rabbit, they trust you to take the wheel on projects that really matter and guide them to success. (At least the ones who will pay you the big bucks do.)

    ✏️ If you’ve ever completely spaced on sending a client proposal after a discovery call…

    ✏️ If your current system is a lot of “Hey Siri, remind me to…”

    ✏️ If you think SOP rhymes with hop, then this Trello board is for you, Bunny.

    When you’re in the driver's seat of a project, managing clients like a pro... clients trust you.

    Clients that trust you invest in you. .

    Clients that love your work tell their friends, and you cash in on a never-run-dry stream of client referrals.

    Hi, btw!

    I’m a launch & funnel copywriter & strategist where I not only run an agency that does multi-million dollar launches & evergreen funnels for clients but we also do our own launching around here too.

    Whether for live launching or evergreen funnels...

    for exceptionally simple or overly-complex launch funnels...

    for minimal viable execution or to-the-max sophistication...

    ...we’re able to help our clients not only keep their deliverables organized but also track their data to improve future launches.