Plan, strategize, and store that never-ending pile of launch emails

PLUS an easy as heck way to see which emails performed the best so you can track your conversions, optimize your funnel, and continue to improve your messaging every time you launch!

Launch Email Sidekick

FREE Email Planner & Tracker


Live Launches & Evergreen Funnels

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    Brittany McBean

    Launch Strategist & Funnel Copywriter

    What's inside:

    ✅ Layout Your Email Strategy

    ✅ Plan your launch calendar

    ✅ Code your emails so you never have to say “the pre-launch email that happens on day 4, slash day 1 of the launch, slash the one with the bonus”

    ✅ Track your email status all the way from “drafted” to “sent”

    ✅ Delegate the email install without having to stress about your segmenting, scheduling, or bonus strategy

    ✅ Clearly understand the numbers so you can make data-informed (not emotionally driven) decisions to optimize your funnel

    Hi, btw!

    I’m a launch & funnel copywriter & strategist where I not only run an agency that does multi-million dollar launches & evergreen funnels for clients but we also do our own launching around here too.

    Whether for live launching or evergreen funnels...

    for exceptionally simple or overly-complex launch funnels...

    for minimal viable execution or to-the-max sophistication...

    ...we’re able to help our clients not only keep their deliverables organized but also track their data to improve future launches.